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Philosophy pricing is designed to be very affordable compared to traditional application development and versus teaser pricing given by some companies that offer low initial rates with exorbitant prices as your data and user count grows.

No User-Based Fees
We do not charge fees based on the number of users you have.
  • We want you to grow and add more users over time.
  • The ability for you to have your business partners login to the site and view their items is a key advantage of our service.
  • With web-based technology, keeping each user account and password distinct and secure is an important security aspect. User-based fees only encourage password sharing -- which is strictly prohibited on this site.
One Time vs. Monthly Fees

We want our prices to be aligned to the things that drives our costs. Therefore, we have two categories of pricing: Recurring Monthly and one-time fees (Nonrecurring Items).


Recurring Monthly Items

Required Items Dashboard and core features keep the gears turning smoothly.

Core Service Fee

Basic charge for core services.


Category: Monthly Recurring

Basic charge for core services, web access, backups, bandwidth, etc.

Allows unlimited number of staff users. (All users must have an individual email address and be part of the same business entity / email domain name)

Optional Items
Your customers can interact with too

Customer Interface

Ability for your customers or business partners to conduct scheduling and directly interact with your Tasklists.

Custom reports give you everything you request

Custom User Reports

Basic reports are included in the core services. However, custom reports can be created as well.

Automated reports get the information out without you having to do the work.

Automated Reports

Automated reports are those which are produced, notified, and / or distributed automatically via email, fax, or other means.

Cloud-based database technology for scalability

Database Record Size

We want you to grow, but it also makes sense to archive old records after a period of time for economy.

Document Management and file storage features.

File Attachments

Document management and sharing are important components of modern web applications.

Connect your existing applications with

External Integration can interface with most existing applications or data sources you may already be using.


Nonrecurring Items

Combine standard dashboards with customizations for your organization

Application Development

Professional Workflow and application development to get your Tasklists automated and online.

Live support as well as automated tools to assist users.

User Support & Training

Tutorials, password retrieval and self-help support tools are included in the core services. However, additional support is available.

MBA consultants help with strategic thinking and process reengineering

Business Consulting & Audit

A Tasklist means nothing if the underlying business practices are not sound. Our MBA consultants can help align the computers, the practices, and help develop sound audit approaches to keep your organization sharp.



Implementation Plan

Getting an application implemented in involves these general steps

  1. Business Analysis
    • Interviews
    • Work Product Examples
    • Review of Existing Products and Databases
  2. Prototyping
    • Mockups
    • Preliminary Functionality
    • Beta Testing
  3. Go-Live
    • User Training
    • Import of Legacy Data
    • Go Live Date
  4. Enhancement Phase
    • Break In Period
    • Identification of Enhancements
    • Enhancement Prioritization

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I automate my process currently tracked in Excel?


If there is only one user of the tracking information then we would say no, stick with Excel.

However, if you have multiple team members working on the same task, especially if they need to work from multiple locations, then yes, we thing we could create a much more powerful and reliable solution at Further, we can integrate our solution into other Tasklists and processes.

2. Do I have to sign a long-term contract to get these rates?


3. What would cause my rate to go up?


4. Can I add / delete users myself?


5. How do I remove bad or erroneous data?


6. How do I know when new data is added and who added it?


7. Can I set the Authority Limit or permissions for each user?


8. How does your system safeguard sensitive data?


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