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TaskListing.com is a cloud-based web application platform that helps businesses, organizations, teams, and individuals improve efficiency and execution by keeping track of the things you need to get done. More than just a list, TaskListing.com provides tools for you to automate your processes with features like data validation, reminders, notifications, progress reports, and business rules.


TaskListing.com uses a cloud computing approach with Software as a Service (SaaS) so that your application is both affordable and available 24x7x365 from anywhere with an Internet connection. TaskListing.com can be accessed as a mobile web application that lets all your teams work from the office or the field from any modern computing platform (PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad, Droid, iPhone, etc.)


TaskListing.com features a detailed activity logging system that gives you the ability to see who, did what, and when. As a business owner or manager, having TaskListing.com provides the opportunity for you to watch your business like a stock-ticker on television. You can see all the latest activities on your business dashboard or delve deeper into particular accounts, problems, etc.

Business Process Visibility: TaskListing.com makes it easy to view your latest business activities in several formats: Event Lists, Calendars, Bullet Graphs, Scrolling Tickers, and Speedometers

Business Overview

Staff Tasks Completed Today 100 more
New Customer Orders Today 42 more
Invoices Generated Today 60 more
Past Due Tasks 28 more
Customer Orders This Month 1,200 more

Latest Activities

4:58:00 PM New Order Entered Online User
4:55:00 PM Order Shipped Carla
4:52:00 PM Batch Sign Off Betsy
4:43:00 PM Product Quality Check Completed Jane

Bullet Graph

Comparison to Target & Previous Period

US $


Business Ticker: Watch your operations in real-time

User Angela completed Task # 2 (Validate Customer Data) for Case 19938.

Online customer submitted payment via credit card on Case 18851.

Technician Andre began working on Case 188142.

Case 188142 sent to Billing by Jerry P.

Improve Execution to Improve Satisfaction

We all know that customers expect good execution and customer service. When they don't get it, they look for your competitors. What sometimes isn't appreciated, however, is that your employees and team members get satisfaction from delivering good customer service too. When an organization's computer systems are inadequate and execution suffers, perhaps the greatest cost is the loss of morale of the staff. Over time, it becomes a vicious cycle of disappointing customers and disaffecting staff.

Align The Computer to Your Workflows

When your workflows make sense and the computer helps your staff be successful, then you can create a positive experience cycle for your customers and your staff. TaskListing.com software and consultants help you achieve that alignment.

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Manage Workflows

Click on the expandable nodes to see how easy it is to start organizing your Workflows

  • Shippable Products Order
    • Order Entry
      • Customer Information
      • Quantities by Catalog Number
      • Payment Information
    • Package Assembly
    • Shipping
    • Billing
  • Scheduled Consumer Service
  • Consulting Service

Customize to Your Workflow

The Workflow list above is just an example. We work with you to implement all the workflows, task lists, and business rules that you need for your organization.



  • Normal edit 5/20/2019 Workflow Process Review

    Internal team and lead stakeholders to provide feedback on TaskListing.com workflows implemented in the past 2 weeks.

  • High edit 5/20/2019 Service Appointment
  • Low edit 5/27/2019 Integration Upgrade

Tip: Dashboard Events are customizable by user. Tip: Calendars can be filtered and combined for multiple users and processes as needed.

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